About the Pear Tree Restaurant

The Pear Tree Restaurant in Burnaby combines world-class cuisine and downtown elegance with approachability and community. Chef Jaeger puts an emphasis on freshness and quality and incorporates seasonal local, organic and sustainable ingredients into the menu.


  • Revaluate and better manage energy use
  • Find an energy efficient alternative for the powerful yet high energy using kitchen hood fan
  • Share key learnings with restaurant industry peers


18.5% Energy Reduction

The Pear Tree Restaurant’s combined technical upgrades and behavioural changes reduced their energy use by 18.5%. Here’s what they did.

Hood vent gets a variable speed drive

  • A variable speed drive was added to the kitchen hood vent. The hood can be turned down when the restaurant is less busy, reducing energy consumption
  • At lower speeds, the vent moves less air and prevents conditioned air being pushed out of the restaurant, lowering air conditioning needs and costs

New lights use less electricity and pipes get insulated

  • Converted 50 watt MR16 halogen bulbs to 10 watt LEDs
  • Installed motion sensors to washroom fan and lights and walk-in cooler
  • Added insulating wrap around hot water pipes

Restaurant staff changes habits

  • Staff now follow standard operating procedures for the front of the restaurant and kitchen to map out on/off times for each piece of equipment
  • Kitchen shuts down the biggest energy using appliances as soon as the last customer has their main course

Read the full details on The Pear Tree’s Restaurant winning energy efficiency makeover.

Check out The Pear Tree Restaurant’s energy efficiency makeover for yourself. On October 24, The Pear Tree Restaurant is participating in this year’s Candlelight Conservation Dinner. Dine by candle light as the Pear Tree dims the lights and turns up the ambience to show how single actions can save energy.


To save energy and cut costs in your own business, check out BC Hydro’s Product Incentive Program. The program provides financial incentives to small and medium businesses to replace inefficient technologies with new energy efficient products.

October is Power Smart Month. Save power. Save money. Create your Power Plan to see how much you could save on your home electricity bill.